If you know what you want to say and can get the words anywhere from 50-99% right, you don’t need a content creator, you need an editor.

I can work with you to enhance, amplify or finesse your words.

I can help get the structure right for the audience you are writing for. Your words might be for a press release, a business website, a community cause’s communication, or a fellow-freelancer’s feature article.


Vivienne’s copy editing of drafted media releases, about a contentious and critical local issue for our community, proved to be essential for securing newspaper and television coverage. Vivienne is insightful and is a joy to work with.

– Kim Rosen, Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce Executive


Vivienne was incredibly helpful with my first commissioned article. My confidence was boosted by having her input on big things (structure, tone), as well as the little things (when to follow up).  

– Zewlan Moor, Freelance Writer, GP and Founder, Byron Bibliotherapy


Image credit: Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash (edited)